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Choose teen lingual braces with us and benefit from:

Choose teen lingual braces with us and benefit from:

Lingual Braces for Teens in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

If you are looking for a trusted, affordable lingual braces provider near you in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, our experienced team of expert orthodontists will be happy to help

Benefit from the expertise of Dr Steffen Decker, who was awarded World No. 1 Lingual Incognito Provider in 2017 and has treated over 1,300 lingual orthodontic patients.

Prices from £6,950

Dr Steffen Decker orthodontist and myofunctional dentist

Meet your lingual braces expert

Dr Steffen Decker PhD

GDC 131767

Dr Decker has a master’s degree in Lingual Orthodontics and teaches other orthodontists on the procedure. He has held the position of European Clinical Advisor for Incognito Lingual braces and was the world No 1 provider for Incognito lingual braces in 2017.

Teen lingual brace costs

Treatment Cost

Invisible lingual braces (both arches)*
*Fixed lingual inside braces are completely invisible and the most efficient braces with less risk for decay and better for contact sports. Included in fee are the fixed retainers and Vivera retainers (total savings £800)

From £6,950

About lingual braces

Lingual braces are attached to the back (lingual) side of the teeth, as opposed to the front (labial) side that is visible when you smile.

Lingual Braces are a good alternative to visible train tracks for teens. They are discreet, fast working and accurate.

The advantages of lingual braces for teens

Teen lingual braces FAQs

  • The part of the brace that attaches to the tooth – the bracket’, is completely customised and is made to fit the shape of the particular tooth.
  • The brackets are 3D printed for accuracy.
  • The wires used to fit into the brackets are pre bent to move specific teeth in a specific direction. This is not the case for traditional braces.

No, all the brackets will be fit on the back surface of them

Instead of extracting teeth a procedure called IPR is carried out. This stands for ‘Inter Proximal Reduction’. A maximum of 0.25mm is polished away from the enamel on the sides of the teeth to create very small gaps. This allows the teeth enough space to be straightened.

Underbite, crossbite or excessive lower anterior crowding a lower incisor tooth may have to be removed.

Treatment times depend on the skill of the orthodontist treating you. In Dr Decker’s hands treatments are not usually longer than 12 months

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In this video, Dr Steffen Decker, talks about lingual braces.

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