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Choose us for early intervention orthodontics and benefit from:

Choose us for Early Intervention and benefit from:

Early Intervention Orthodontics

The goal of early intervention (also known as interception) orthodontics, is to correct the growth of the jaw and certain bite problems, such as underbite.

Typically, this is achieved through the use of straightforward fixed or removable orthodontic appliances.

How do you know if your child should have an assessment for early intervention orthodontics?

You need to start checking for the following signs:

Is the mouth open when your child is relaxed when watching TV, playing or sleeping?

Does your child’s tongue come forward when they are swallowing or speaking, and the mouth is open?

Does your child have habits such as thumb/finger sucking?

Speech problems are often related to the tongue and development of the jaw.

We can eliminate the facial development cause of poor speech and refer to the appropriate specialist.

  • Are the top front teeth sticking out?
  • Is the lower jaw set back?

Do the bottom teeth bite in front of and overlap the upper teeth?

Is the chin more prominent?

Is the upper lip set back?

Are the adult front teeth erupting behind the baby teeth or other front teeth?

Did the baby teeth fall out a long time ago and the adult haven’t started to show yet? This is common with the lateral incisors.

When the back teeth are touching is there a large gap between the upper and lower front teeth?

Are the adult teeth coming through crowded?

Do the adult teeth have large gaps between them?

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