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Choose kids orthodontics with us and benefit from:

Choose kids orthodontics with us and benefit from:

Children’s orthodontics in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

If you are looking for a trusted, affordable orthodontist for kids near you in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, our experienced team of expert orthodontists will be happy to help.

Benefit from the knowledge and skills of Dr Steffen Decker and his team, their joint expertise ensures the best treatment plans for our patients.

A child orthodontic consultation (<10 years old) is complimentary
(Not including x-rays if required)

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At your consultation

Our children’s orthodontic consultations enable you and your child to see one of our world-class orthodontists. They will carefully assess your teen’s teeth and advise on the best course of treatment for their individual case.

The 45-60 minute appointment is an excellent way for your child to start their journey to a straighter smile. X-rays are additional if required

About children’s orthodontics

We offer early intervention treatments for children starting at the age of 4 in the form of Clear Aligner treatment, maxillary expansion with 3D metal printed devices (RME) and early extraction of baby teeth to facilitate the eruption of adult teeth.

At this stage, the bones in the jaw are still pliable and can be manipulated to promote positive growth and proper teeth alignment. Additionally, we can widen the jaw during growth to create a broader smile and avoid the need for tooth extractions.

Our practice recognises that every child is unique, so our experienced clinicians use a comprehensive approach to assess oral and facial parameters, including tooth position, skeletal profile, arch width, tongue position, and breathing habits. Based on this evaluation, we create a customised treatment plan that may involve Clear Aligners and expanders if necessary.

Depending on the complexity of the case, treatment can be carried out in one or two phases. Our goal is to prioritize early orthodontic intervention to promote healthy development and enhance our patients’ overall well-being.

During a consultation with one of our expert clinicians, we will thoroughly discuss our findings from the clinical and radiographic assessment and present treatment options. This ensures that parents can make informed decisions about their child’s orthodontic treatment.

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Two-Phase treatment

In the UK it is common to use a single period of treatment with braces to fix just about any orthodontic problem (age 12-18). For some people, this results in a beautiful, healthy smile, but it isn’t right for all patients. In many cases, the problems we need to correct are structural issues with the underlying bones and ligaments supporting the teeth, and correcting these problems is often difficult with braces alone. That’s why orthodontists have developed Two-Phase Treatment.

Two-Phase Treatment is an orthodontic technique that involves using two separate periods of orthodontic treatment: one during childhood and one during adolescence. This approach allows us to treat underlying bone structure issues during childhood, when the bones of the mouth are still growing and malleable, then treat more surface-level alignment issues during adolescence, once the adult teeth have grown in.

For patients that have had a phase 1 treatment, they may need a phase 2 treatment in teenage years once the structural issues have been resolved.


World-class expertise

Our Practice Principal, Dr Steffen Decker, is one of the world’s leading Clear Aligner and lingual orthodontists and a renowned figure in the field.

He has been awarded World No. 1 Lingual Incognito Provider 2017 and he belonged to the Top 1% Invisalign “Kids and Teen” providers in Europe, Middle East and North Africa and to the Align Global Faculty from 2021-2023.

See inside our superb modern orthodontic clinic

Superb modern orthodontic clinic

Our stunning practice is as comfortable and welcoming as it looks. We have all the latest equipment and facilities available to offer you the very best in orthodontics and children’s dentistry.

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