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Choose us to improve your dental hygiene and benefit from:

Choose us for your dental hygiene and benefit from:

Dental Hygienist Near Me in Amersham

If you’re looking for a highly rated and expert dental hygienist near you in Amersham, our experienced team will be happy to help.

We provide excellent value hygiene appointments using Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT), a new advanced hygiene protocol that delivers optimal cleaning with the highest level of comfort.

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Meet our expert dental hygienist

Carole Brennan

GDC 1712

Carol is a highly skilled dental hygienist & MyoFunctional therapist with over 45 years experience. She trained in the Royal Air Force and for many years worked as a tutor and lately as the officer in charge of the RAF School of Dental Hygiene and Training.

She has gained experience over the years working in general dental practice, and has worked alongside and supported the patients of periodontologists, implantologists and orthodontists.

Dental hygiene treatment costs

Treatment Cost
Children's Hygiene/Guided Biofilm Therapy
From £110

Advanced technology for superior cleaning

We aim to provide top of the range treatments and the most effective protocols to improve and maintain our patient’s dental health. This includes our dental hygiene appointments.

We utilise the latest advanced technology in dental hygiene. GBT ‘Guided Biofilm Therapy’ is a dental treatment approach that aims to remove dental biofilm (plaque) from teeth and gums using a systematic and individualized approach.

It is a comprehensive and evidence-based method that combines modern technology, clinical expertise, and patient education to achieve optimal oral health.

How GBT works

GBT involves a thorough examination of the patient’s mouth, including an assessment of their risk for dental caries (cavities) and periodontal (gum) disease.

The treatment is an effective method for removing biofilm and preventing dental disease. It is particularly useful for patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease and those who are at high risk for dental caries.

By removing biofilm, GBT helps to promote healthy gums, reduce inflammation, and prevent tooth decay.

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Superb modern orthodontic clinic

Our stunning practice is as comfortable and welcoming as it looks. We have all the latest equipment and facilities available to offer you the very best in orthodontics and children’s dentistry.

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